Friday, September 28, 2012

The Wednesday Sisters - Discussion 2

Hi!  It’s Lisa from Lisa’s Yarns. Since I was the one who suggested this month’s book, I figured it was only fair that I do a post about it!  This book has been on my to-be-read list for quite awhile, and I was especially excited to read it after Emily gave it a rave review. 

 I knew I’d like it, but the book still exceeded my expectations.  It made me wish that I had a group of local girlfriends to discuss books and writing with – but I am thankful to have all of you to chat with each month! 

 Now for my thoughts on the book! I think the main reason I liked it was that the characters seemed really real.  They had their flaws, but in general, they seemed like people you’d encounter in life.  I also loved that the book was set around the same time that my mom was in her 20s/30s.  It made me wonder what it was life for to experience things like the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Nixon/Watergate controversy, and the women’s lib movement. 

Here are my questions!

  1. The Wednesday Sisters really rely on one another to help them grow as writers.  Do you or would you share your writing with anyone for their critique/feedback?
  2. Early in the book, the Wednesday Sisters congregate in a funeral parlor and take pictures in a coffin (creepy!) and imagine what they can accomplish in their lives that will not perish in their death.  Did this make you think about your life and what you’d like to accomplish?
  3. To show their support for Linda, the Wednesday Sisters all shave their heads.  Be honest – is that something you would do for a friend?
  4. Through the novel, the friendships are complex, constantly evolving, and occasionally downright messy.  Yet even as their bonds are tested, the group endures and grows stronger.  What do you think keeps their friendships growing stronger rather than breaking apart?
Thanks, Lisa! I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Hopefully you all can join us for next month's book, Prisoner of Tehran!



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