Monday, October 29, 2012


feeling busssssy bussssy busssssy.  One more busy weekend and then a bit of a break before the holiday busy starts.

reading Mistaken Identity by Lisa Scottoline, the last two books I've read, Prisoner of Tehran and Gone Girl, were FABULOUS!

longing for summer.

laughing Jon Stewart.  My boyfriend is FUNNNNNY.

crying at how bad some of my students have it.

looking forward to meeting my new Niece!

journaling never.  I pretty much stopped when I started online blogging back in 2000.

celebrating a successful joint 30th birthday bash at our house for two of our friends!

eating salads.. lots of yummy salads lately.  With Raspberry and Walnut Vinaigrette

running zero miles.  But walked about 5!

hoping something would magically take out my house so we could start over on it from the GROUND (literally that is where our current issue is) up

anticipating Halloween!

planning on having Friday off!

drinking dark good beer. Oh, how I loooove dark beer.  Especially in the Fall and Winter!

missing my grandma.

listening to whatever the country station plays or ESPN radio.

making memories with my girl!
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I sure did! Got to spend some good time with friends and family.

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