Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Isla is reading v.3

My girl melts my heart every day with her love of books.  She is holding them the correct way most of the time and will even sit and pretend jibber jabber read to herself, which is nice since she usually is begging for someone else to do the reading ALL THE TIME and the quiet moments I get to make dinner or clean up while she reads to herself are amazzzzing.

So, here is what is currently amusing my dear.

Five Little Pumpkins - She loooves pointing at the pumpkins and counting them.  She also can point out the ghost on each page if you ask her where the ghost is.  I like this because I used to do this with a preschool class of mine.

Ten Little Ladybugs - This book is almost destroyed.  She loves it that much.  She sits on it, putting her little nose right on the raised ladybugs.  She will help me count them and she sways back and forth when I read the rhymes in the book.  The early childhood educator in me loves it.  She has one-to-one correspondence! ;)

Peek a Who - I'm pretty sure she loves this one because there is a mirror at the end and she can kiss herself.  Plus, there is a cow and she can moo.

Baby Bear, Baby Bear What do you See -  She likes the repetition in this book and sways with me and helps me point to the pictures.

I love that I have a daughter who already adores books! I am actually going to go buy her some more pumpkin books soon because I selfishly want us to have more.  And for her. 

What are your favorite books to read in the fall?

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