Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things I wonder..

- Why you would enroll your child in preschool when they were not potty trained and normally developing

- How you can handle living with head lice over and over and over again

- How you can justify flies, visible dirt and sticky spots on your kitchen floor, and more carpet stains than normal carpet in your home

- Smoking ANYTHING around your children

- Never letting your child use scissors

- Talking badly about your child in front of them

- Spelling your your child's name so messed up that no one will spell it right, especially when there are normal socially acceptable ways to spell your child's name

- Why you would work two days a week when your significant other doesn't work at all

- Having another child when you cannot afford the first

- How anyone in this country can support a family on 11.63 an hour

- How anyone can say I am overpaid for my job.

What do you wonder?

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