Friday, April 13, 2012

Winter Garden - Discussion 1

"God help me," she said softly, feeling alone even with Jeff right beside her.  She'd never known before how profoundly a single decision could separate you from other people. "Okay." pg.111

So many times while reading this book, I felt raw.  So many emotions and so many that were held back and need to be pushed through.

Kristin Hannah definitely has a way with words.  The heartbreak seeps through the pages.  I do not know how Meredith and Nina survived their childhood with a parent so emotionally off.  Like, why did the woman reproduce?  Why aren't Mere and Nina in constant therapy???

I feel for Mere but she does need to break.  You can only take on so much and keep trucking and doing it everything for so long until you reach the point of enough.

Everyone needs a break.  Even if you won't be able stop crying, the release does a body good.

1. How do you think the peasant and prince fairy tale ends? If you finished, what were your guesses?

2. Will Nina stay or go?

3.What do you think Mere and Jeff need to do to save their relationship? Is it worth saving?

4. Meredith and Nina are both reluctant to let the men in their lives help them through a difficult time, yet both are suffering from the grief caused by the death of their father. Do you think this is something they’ve inherited from their mother? In what other ways are they similar to their mother? Do you think it’s impossible to avoid becoming like the people who raised you?

5. This novel explores a complicated and strained relationship between two sisters. Do you think Meredith is justified in being so angry with Nina? In what ways are the sisters different and in what ways are they alike?

Thanks for participating! Next/final discussion will be on April 27th!

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