Monday, April 2, 2012

A day in the life of Nikki...

Good Monday Morning! I am enjoying myself Gulf Side this week, so today we have a bonus day in the life! We have Nikki, who is here to share her rather busy day!

Hello lovely readers. I'm Nikki @ Dancing in the Raine. I'm a single 28 year old workaholic. My career is "pension and annuity specialist" for a building trades union (I describe that here) and have 2 additional jobs, just for the fun of it. I'm so excited and thankful to be a part of this series! This is a typical Monday in my life.

6:45 am wake up and run to the bathroom & run back into the warm bed.

6:50 am alarm goes off...SNOOZE

7:15 am roll out of bed.  Good thing I showered last night

7:16 am Stare at my closet looking for something to wear.

7:30 am Still standing thinking..."I have NOTHING to wear!!!"

7:50 am Somehow I have found clothes and put makeup on in time to walk out the door

7:53 am Stop at the gas station and pick up a protein bar since I forgot to buy them this weekend.

8:05 am Oops I'm late to work...again

8:10 am Recaping the weekend and The Hunger Games with my coworkers

8:25 am Open Pandora to Christmas music. Whaaat?  I can't get rid of it for 3 mins!

8:30 am Writing this weeks Working Girls feature and get posted before 9am

9:00 am My mom is on her first break so I spend the next 15 mins texting her and checking my March Madness bracket which is looking pretty sad now.

9:15 am Write tomorrow's blog post

9:30 am Guess I should start working now.

9:35 am Reviewing all pension benefit changes for April

10:30 am Balance my checkbook...didn't do too much damage over the weekend

10:45 am Recap The Hunger Games again but this time with my wbff (work bff) whose kids went to see it.

11:00 am Email a bloggy friend to discuss last weeks One Tree Hill & Days of Our Lives

11:15 am Respond to some work emails

11:30 am Type up some Supplemental Retirement withdrawal applications. Discuss the loan processes with a member for the 3rd time. He storms off angry that its going to be 3+ weeks for processing (Should have applied when you first asked months ago)

12:00 pm Sort out my basket while I wait for B to come back from lunch so I can go.

12:10 pm LUNCH TIME

  • Credit Union
  • Pick up prescriptions from Target
  • LaCocina $.99 Taco Mondays!
  • Gas station for gas and a Diet Coke
1:00 pm return to work and ready to bite into my Tacos. They're beef! YUCK!  It's such a disappointment.

I check Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all while I'm eating my tacos.

1:45 pm Open the mail. This is sometimes the funnest part of my job. It's always good for a laugh at the things that get mailed to us.

2:00 pm mail out forms that members have requested

2:30 pm send out healthcare terminations for March 31st

2:57 pm Call our fiduciary insurance company to check the status of an invoice

3:00 pm Whoa where did this headache come from?

3:10 pm Deny a loan and send out such letter

3:15 pm Verify a pensioners direct deposit information with his bank

3:30 pm Now my stomach hurts like crazy. Did I get food poisoning from those disgusting beef tacos?

3:45 pm Input dental claims into our system

4:22 pm I have 8 minutes left of work to kill maybe surf the internet?

4:26 pm I actually did a member address change so now to waste the last 4 mins of work

4:35 pm Job #1 complete! Time for job #2

5:30 pm Arrive at Job #2 where I am a part time receptionist at a car dealership. I settle in and check email

5:45 pm Chat with my co-workers. One about his upcoming wedding in Panama Beach, another about his trip to Chicago tomorrow where he rubs it in that he's going to the Apple Store. And another discusses his new fad diet of only eating 500 calories a day!

6:15 pm My mom calls. It's good news! She's decided she's not going to sell her house and move another 30 mins away (which would make her live over an hour from me!),

6:35 pm It's quiet in the show room now so I pull out my book.

I've read this before but felt inspired to read it again.

8:00 pm 12 hour day-DONE! Only had 1 phone calls all night which allowed me to accomplish a lot of reading

8:15 pm Get home and love on my kitty cat and decide to make a little bit of pasta and chicken. I really try not to eat so late on Monday's but need a little something in my belly.

8:45 Eat and finish an episode of Kourtney & Kim take New York. I am so behind on the Kardiashian episodes and I completely understand why Kim left Kris! UGH he gets on my nerves!

9:15 pm Wash face, remove contacts, and brush teeth

9:25 Climb in bed! Ahhh this feels good! I check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and catch up on Word With Friends, Scramble With Friends & Draw Something. Then I continue on my book.

10:15 Lights out. Check Twitter one more time...Good Night World!

Thanks, Nikki!! Sounds like a full day!

Do you pick out your clothes the ahead of time or is it a mad scramble?

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