Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A day in the life of Stephanie...

Today, we have a Stephanie to share a glimpse into her busy life.  She works from home while caring for her adorable daughter, Emma.  Here is a peek into her life..

Hi, I'm Stephanie - http://ourchangingfocus.blogspot.com  the mom of a six month old named Emma.  I work from home full time - with lots of help.  You're seeing a day in my life when I'm trying to work and wear my mom hat for most of the day, too.  Normally, I have someone watching her while I work.

7:20 AM - Miss Emma woke up for the day.  Time for a diaper change and nursing session.  She's easily distracted and just wants to cuddle.  I enjoy our morning cuddles too much to argue.

8:00 AM - Around 8, we move from her room into our room and cuddle, do a little tummy time, practice sitting (and have a little Disney Junior time).  She loves to reach for the remote.  It is her favorite thing that motivates her to move, so I take advantage!  Still no rolling, but she is going from sitting to leaning on her hands.  She has no idea what to do once she's in that position.

9:25 AM - We go back to her room.  I lay her in the crib and she talks to her mobile, while I take a quick shower.

9:30 AM - Just as I'm stepping in the shower, I hear Molly (our black lab) go crazy.  Emma's grandma (her Nanny, my MIL) must be here!

9:45 AM - I hurry and when I get to the bottom of the stairs, I hear my MIL using the baby bullet. She has read my mind.  We're working our way through purees of more veggies than Gerber makes.  Texture is an issue for Emma, but we finally hit the right thickness for broccoli and she loves it, so MIL is making more.

10 AM - I dash off to get a pedicure for the first time in WAY too long - and MIL volunteered to watch Emma while I'm gone.

10:15 AM - So excited about the pedicure, I splash my foot into the water... and my jeans get a nice dip, too.  Ooops.  Oh well.  I'm trying a new place and they have huge TVs tuned to Live with Kelly and I brought a book ("Something Borrowed"), so I'm fine with soggy jeans.  Oh, and before I can start reading, I remembered that MH asked me to get tickets for a concert in June.  I log into Ticketmaster on my phone and I'm not too late!

11:15 AM - Manicure with clear coat on my nails and I'm back on the road.
Have to stop to pick up lunch - well, it's really a treat to myself, since this is going to be a rare day of Emma and I together all day.  Normally, I have someone here during the day to watch her while I work - usually my mother in law or my Mom.  Today, MIL has something she couldn't reschedule, so we're on our own for most of the day.

11:30 AM - Wash bottles for the pump and get Emma from the pack n play.

11:30 - 11:45 I read her Counting Kisses and she loves the kisses on her belly button the best.

11:50 AM - She starts to get squirmy and fussy.  Maybe it is time for a nap.  She has been boycotting naps lately, but then she sleeps 10+ hours at night, so I can't complain too much.

12-12:30 PM - I nurse her and she falls asleep.  Easy transition to lay her down and I sneak away for a bit.

12:40 PM - Manage to log in to work for a bit, to see if I'm missing anything major with my impromptu late work day (or potential day off).  It all depends on Emma's mood and whether she naps today.

1:35 PM - Emma woke up from her nap

2:30 PM - It's time for broccoli!

3 PM - We move on to play time (and lots of fussiness!) I ate my sandwich while she played.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.

3:30 PM - It's time for nursing and a nap

4:30 PM - Emma woke up and she's not a happy camper.  Stupid teeth.

5:30 - 6:30 PM After soothing and nursing and diaper change, Emma played on her exersaucer, her activity mat and then just played with me.  Nibbling on her side to get her to laugh is the best!

6:30 PM - Teething attack again complete with lovely drool and lots of screaming.  Right on time, my husband comes home and he gives her cuddles and she calms down for a few minutes.

6:45 PM - She showed signs of being exhausted and ready for bed right around this time, so we went up to her room and started her bed time routine - pajamas, story, lights out, nursing, music.  She stays in the room until morning.

This was really early for her, but she was not a happy camper.  Her teeth started to bother her really fast.

7:11 PM - She fell asleep

7:30 PM - Tried to lay her down in her crib and she woke up.  This happened to be our first night of trying to transition her back into the crib from her rock n play.  She sleeps so well in the rock 'n play, but her legs are getting too long.  Must keep trying the crib!

7:40 PM - Diaper change, nursing...

8:00 PM - She fell asleep, again

8:30 PM - Waited a little bit longer before I tried to lay her down, she still woke up!

8:54 PM - Woke up again, kept crying due to her teeth, even after Tylenol, so I gave up and put her in the rock n play... and she slept nine hours.

Update - the next night, I remembered to swaddle her legs, and she slept well!  What a relief.  She's still sleeping in the crib - but not always staying asleep.  It's a work in progress!  Babies are a bit exhausting. ;)

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