Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A day in the life of Daysie...

Today we have my friend Daysie.  I met Daysie twoish years ago on a website when we were both trying to get pregnant.  She is a sweetheart, kind, caring and still fighting for her chance to be a mother.  I find it fitting for Daysie to be sharing her day in the life with you today, during National Infertility Awareness Week. 

Infertility affects around 73 million people or about 1 in 8 couples please check out Resolve.org for more information.  Thanks for sharing Days!  You can learn more about her journey on her blog,  My Story. My Family. My Life.

This is going to be pretty boring, but this particular day I had a fever and it was also the day I had my baseline u/s, and my med teaching ...

2:13 am – I wake up because I cannot sleep. I have a fever of 100.7, again. I play on my phone for a little bit.

2:45 am – I try to fall back asleep.

7:13am – I wake up again, this time for the day. I lay in bed for a few extra minutes.

7:50am - I get out of bed, go to the bathroom.

7:51am – I start the shower, find my sudea care shower soother in hopes it will help me feel better.

7:55am – Toss shower soother in the shower and get in.

8:12am – I got to get out the shower. Spending too much time in here and I'm getting dizzy.

8:17am – with the towel on my head, I brush my teeth while I go downstairs to let our dog Winston out.

8:19am – get back up stairs to finish brushing my teeth.

8:20am – Run back downstairs to let our dog back inside.

8:24am – Back upstairs to dry my hair, flipping my head upside down makes me dizzy again.

8:31am – I'm going to wear my glasses today, I don't feel well. Time to put make-up on.

8:40am – Go downstairs pack up my medications to bring into the doctors office, make sure I have everything together. I take some Motrin.

8:50am – I put Winston in his crate, get DH to get the Meds in the car and we leave to go to the doctors together.

9:20am – We arrive at the doctor's office

9:23am – I check in and get sent back to the lab.

9:25am – My blood is drawn.

9:30 am – I get sent into the exam room for my baseline ultrasound and we find out everything is quiet, just as it should be.

9:45am – Both DH and I head into an office with the Pato go over how to administer my medications.

10:21am – Appointment is over and we check out.

10:25 – In the car to head back home.

10:58am – Arrive back home

11am- I gather everything I need for my phone interview I have at 1pm.

11:15am – I finally eat breakfast, a plain bagel with plain cream cheese.

11:30am – I review everything for my phone interview and do some practice questions with DH. (He's home this morning.)

12pm – DH makes me some hot tea with lemon and honey.

12:05pm – DH gathers up some extra pens and paper and sets up the computer for the interview for me.

12:08pm – More practice questions....

12:50pm – I go upstairs and go to the bathroom and change for my phone interview, (yes, I dressed as if I was going to a face to face interview. This helps!)

1:03pm – Phone rings.... "Hello"... Phone interviews begins and DH goes upstairs.

1:22pm – Phone interview Ends. I call for DH to come downstairs. I'm not sure how it went.

1:30pm – DH gets ready for work while I change back into normal clothes.

1:40pm – We both head out the door. DH goes to work, I head out to the pharmacy to drop off one last prescription that needs to be filled before tomorrow.

2pm – I arrive back home and take the dog for a walk and get the mail.

2:10pm- I call my grandmother.

2:20pm – I finish up the phone call.

2:25pm – Reheat leftovers for lunch and watch my DVR recording of 16 and Pregnant (a guilty pleasure of mine)

3:14pm - I'm still enjoying my downtime now. Checking my message boards on my phone and finishing up some DVR'ed show.

3:22pm – Show is over time to turn off the TV and get ready to run back to the pharmacy to pick up the script.

3:28pm – walk out to car and see my neighbor, talk to her about the neighborhood gossip. Today it's about our other neighbors, apparently she left him and filed for divorce....

3:46pm – in the car on my way to the pharmacy.

3:53pm – Arrive

4pm – I finally get the prescriptions.

4:03pm – Back in the car, I take a look at the prescriptions and notice it said, "No Insurance" Ugg... Now I have to walk back inside to find out why they didn't use my insurance.

4:05pm – I have to give my insurance info to the pharmacist assistant again. Only one of the prescriptions is covered. The other isn't, at least it's only $13.00. I walk back to the car.

4:07 – I drive home.

4:15pm- I'm home, I let the dog out of his crate.

4:18pm – Winston starts his ritual of begging for dinner while I record what I'm doing... Hum, I wonder what I should do with the leftover London Broil for dinner tonight...

4:20pm – I take my temperature to make sure the fever I had yesterday and this morning has finally broken

4:23pm- Thermometer beeps: 98.0 Fever has finally broken. Although this is still a little high for me. I still feel like crap and I dread about doing the dishes and mopping the floor. Maybe I'll mop the floor tomorrow along with the laundry...

4:25pm- I get up and clean off the table from the phone interview earlier today. Gather all my meds and needles and syringes. I'll need to start my IVF meds tomorrow. Wow this is really happening. I put everything else I don't need yet aside.

4:41pm – Turn the TV back on and do the dishes, and turn some ta water on.

5:10pm – I think I'll make a stir-fry with the leftover London Broil. It's time to feed the dog...

5:45pm – DH comes home from work.

5:49 pm – Go outside and the dog runs over to the neighbor, I walk over to get him, I begin to talk to him. He wanted to know the latest on the other neighbors, and what's going on with our neighborhood.

6:30pm – Back home, check email, still need to start dinner...

6:35 pm – Start dinner, DH goes downstairs and grabs the last beer, He's kind enough to share it with me.

6:48pm – Let dinner finish up while I sit on the couch with DH.

6:55pm – Still waiting for the rice to finish cooking.

7pm – Dinner Time!

7:30pm – dishes and clean up the stove and counter. While I do this, DH puts up the new cork board I bought the other day.

8:30pm – Sit down and watch 30 Rock.

9pm – I find out instagram is now available on android. I download it while we watch a repeat episode of The Office.

9:09pm – I run upstairs for some lotion, my hands are so dry.

9:30pm – Head upstairs after turning the TV off and get a glass of water.

9:32 pm – hiccups starts.. great... I close the blinds and curtains in the bedroom.

9:33 – Time to brush my teeth and go to the bathroom and take my vitamins.

9:38 pm – DH comes upstairs with the dog. I take my temperature one last time. Fever is definitely gone. My temp is back to my normal 97.5.

9:40pm – I get into my PJ's.

9:43pm – Get into bed, lights off, hope for a better nights sleep tonight and start a new day tomorrow.

Thank you so much Days!

Do you know what your normal body temp is?
Mine is usually around 96.7, though I haven't routinely taken my temp since I was trying to get pregnant!

If you would like to participate in the day in the life series send me an email at pinkflipflops44 at gmail dot com or comment here with your email and I will get back to you!

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