Monday, April 9, 2012

Vacation Sneak Peek..

We had a blast on Anna Maria Island.  It was gorgeous, relaxing and soo much fun to experience with Isla! 

Here are some quick photos that highlight our trip.. more / info coming when life slows down a bit..

napping.. she napped awesome all trip! lots of outdoor time for the win!

right before her first trip to the beach.. she loved to eat sand, but the gulf was kind of scary for her. she liked to be walked by it and put down for naps though.. but toes in? helll no! haha

we took a morning walk almost every day after breakfast and she normally fell asleep for her morning nap that way and then i would read/relax by the pool til she woke up and then we'd climb back to the condo!

one morning she took her nap on the beach.. ;)

on the beach for sunset.. she had just been swinging for like 20 minutes! she loved people watching.

we were walking down the road waiting for a trolley after we had a quick lunch/drink at Feeling Swell.. she didn't like to stand still so her daddy kept walking her up and down in the shade while we waited.. we had the WORST luck with trolley's we would always JUST miss them.. blah

Happy Monday!!

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