Friday, August 6, 2010

Forget You - Jennifer Echols

I will preface this with saying, I really wanted to read this book. I read the description and thought, hey that sounds interesting.

But, it wasn't. It sucked. Hardcore suckage. The premise of the book, is Zoey is a perfect darling girl who has rich parents and has everything. Except apparently a brain. She is on the swim team life is perfect until it spirals out of control when her controlling asshole father cheats on her mom, gets his 24 year old gf pregnant and then makes her mom move out of the house to an apartment. Her mom then goes crazy, tries to kill herself and is sent to 'insane asylum' where it is determined she is bi-polar. Her ass of a dad threatens Zoey to not mention a word of this.

This craziness pushes Zoey out of control and she decides it's a fabulous idea to have sex with Brandon, the extreme player who she has been giving girl advice to all summer. I am all about having random fun sex if you can handle it. BUT, if you do it and then think you are this stupid player's GIRLFRIEND??? You lose all credibility. This is about the time I REALLY couldn't handle reading it. But like I said, I requested to read this book because I thought it sounded interesting. HA.

So they hook up, she doesn't hear from him for OVER a week and yet calls herself his girlfriend. HELLO CRAZYCAKES. YOU HAD SEX WITH HIM. That was it. Stop calling him your boyfriend. Anyhooo... like any other player he finds someone else to have sex with.

Enter Doug. Doug is this 'baaad boy' who went to juvie in 9th grade and yada yada yada he is sooo bad. We can't talk to him cuz he is a baaaad boy. So Doug and Zoey never have liked each other apparently, stemming back to when he went to juvie and missed homecoming, after he had asked her to go with him. Whatever.

So, one nite (a week after the hook up with player) Zoey wakes up and she has been in a car crash. She has no idea how she got there, no memory of most of the nite leading up to it. She doesn't admit this to anyone. (HELLO STUPID YOU HAVE A CONCUSSION AND THOSE CAN BE DANGEROUS.) Her dad flips out on her because HE is going to Hawaii to get married to 24 year old ho and SHE BETTER NO RUIN THIS FOR HIM. SO, Zoey lies about having no memory because he threatens to lock HER up in a looney bin if she says she can't remember anything. The wierd thing? All Zoey remembers is waking up to Doug pulling her out and then Doug shows up to her house acting all wierd the morning after. ALmost, like HE is her boyfriend and NOT Brandon.

So this is where I completely stopped attempting to like it and just started rolling my eyes and thinking ofa ll the stupidness. 1) What parent leaves their child less than 24 hours after they have had a MAJOR CAR ACCIDENT AND EXPERIENCED PASSING OUT frequently? 2) What hospital lets someone leave the same night when they CANNOT remember and had a head injury? 3) What idiot doesn't just say to her friends, dude I can't remember what happened. ha ha.. Tell me about it. 4) Doug's character is completely unbelievable. NO one acts like that. 5) Zoey starts swearing and acting completely different AFTER HER HEAD INJURY. HELLO ANYONE????

Ok, this book had a lot of problems and one of the most irritating to me was overuse of using animals in similies or the fact that Zoey just wouldn't freaking ask someone what happened, or that Doug wouldn't tell her what happened and the fact that she called a guy she had sex with once her boyfriend. Ok so that was more than one.

This book was horrible and the only reason I finished it was because I requested it as an ARC through Star Book Tours. Obviously, I'm an honest reviewer. Please do not waste your time.

What was the last horrible book you read?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Lol. Kind of hilarious how much you hated this book. I felt this way about the book "The Smart One and the Pretty One". Pretty much wanted to throw the book across the room at points.... but I had stupidly bought it so I was determined to read it. The characters were so annoying, I wanted to punch them. They were the whole, 'Oh, he's a bad boy and treats me like shit but I can CHANGE him' types. Arrghh!!

Amber said...

I admire you and Lisa for pushing your way through shitty books. I love to read, I do, BUT I do not finish books I hate!! There are too many good books out there that I can spend my time on :)

Marie Cloutier said...

ouch :-)

stacybuckeye said...


Kelly said...

Lol I'm with Amber. I have not read a horrible book lately because I will refuse to finish it if I hate it. But I like that you push through because then I get to read reviews where you hate the book, which are funny haha

Julie P. said...

UGH! This one doesn't sound like it worked for you on any level -- I'm so sorry! Thanks for sharing!