Monday, August 2, 2010

August's Group Read is..

The One That I Want by Allison Winn Scotch!

Tilly Farmer is thirty-two years old and has the perfect life she always dreamed of: married to her high school sweetheart, working as a guidance coun...more Tilly Farmer is thirty-two years old and has the perfect life she always dreamed of: married to her high school sweetheart, working as a guidance counselor in her hometown, trying for a baby. Perfect.

In fact, on the surface you might never know how tough things used to be. At seventeen, Tilly lost her mother to cancer, her father drowned his grief in alcohol, and she played parent to her two younger sisters more often than being a kid herself. Still Tilly never let tragedy overtake her belief that hard work and good cheer could solve any problem. Of course she’s also spent a lifetime plastering a smile on her face and putting everyone else’s problems ahead of her own.
But that relentless happiness has served her well—her sisters are grown and content, her dad is ten years sober, and she’s helping her students achieve all their dreams while she and her husband, Tyler, start a family. A perfect life indeed.

Then one sweltering afternoon at the local fair, everything changes. Tilly wanders into the fortune teller’s tent and is greeted by an old childhood friend, now a psychic, who offers her more than just a reading. “I’m giving you the gift of clarity,” her friend says. “It’s what I always thought you needed.” And soon enough, Tilly starts seeing things: her father relapsing, staggering out of a bar with his car keys in hand; Tyler uprooting their happy, stable life, a packed U-Haul in their driveway; and even more disturbing, these visions start coming true. Suddenly Tilly’s perfect life, so meticulously mapped out, seems to be crumbling around her. And she’s not sure what’s more frightening: that she’s begun to see the future or what the future holds . . .

As Tilly furiously races to keep up with—and hopefully change—her destiny, she faces the question: Which is the life she wants? The one she’s carefully nursed for decades, or the one she never considered possible.

I am so excited to read this one! I won it in a giveaway from Booking Mama and have been excited to read it. I know that we have some new people to join us this month and that makes me excited as well! If you want to do a guest post, or post your own review on your blog, let me know and I will post it here to share the word! The more the merrier because in the end, the more talk about books, the happier I am!
I also have to say that the cover of the book is super cute and may be a teensy part of why I wanted to read it!
Who can believe it is August? Holy crap. I don't want it to almost be fall. As much as I love college football, I love me some summer time, laying in my hammock or in my pool.
What did you read this weekend? I am finishing up Loving Frank by Nancy Horan, about to start The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton and I have another book waiting for me at the library on a hold that I don't remember. I better get busy!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I finished up The Secret Garden and started "Labor Day" which is a book I am reviewing for another TLC Book Tour. Then I am reading "I Capture the Castle" for a book club. I have to have both books read by next Tuesday as the book review needs to be posted on Tuesday so I have my work cut out for me... Whoops...

THEN I will read this one. I really like the book cover, too!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I requested this book at the library so I hope I get it in time :)

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Yay! I just put this book on hold at the library and I'm first in line. I'm excited to read it!