Thursday, March 4, 2010


Just put in a 12 hour day for our Family Reading Night at work. I can't even think straight. I can barely even read other blogs. I am on my way to bed very very soon. But then I felt bad, because I don't think I will be posting again til the weekend or Monday, but like I said, no brain power. Then I went to Lisa's blog and she had a photo meme. How perfect!

1st photo album, 10th photo..

2007 Ohio State vs. Michigan at Ann Arbor. This was a sign at Game Day on the U of M campus. It references the coach at that time (Lloyd Carr) and the rumored / hoped to be new coach Les Miles. And we all know how that turned out.. Oh wait? You aren't a huge fan? Well, let's just say Les Miles didn't leave LSU and may have had a very angry press conference where he denied going there.. and then Michigan got Rodriguez from West Virginia.. Ohio State fans are still thanking you Les!!!

Go Bucks!

Play along .... have a great Friday!


Anais said...

LOL that sign is pretty funny ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for playing along! I don't know anything about sports so was of course unaware of that story.

Hope you got a good night's sleep! These weeks are just so exhausting, aren't they!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic! Yes, us Buckeyes are very happy :)