Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Worst Case - James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

Detective Mike Bennett is on the case in Patterson's latest novel featuring the Irish cop. A crazed maniac is kidnapping the children of New York's wealthiest families. Instead of money, the kidnapper is quizzing his prisoners on the price others pay for their life of luxury.

The FBI sends in their best, Emily Parker, single, attractive and smart as whip to team with Bennett. Wonder where this is going???

The killer is leaving his victims with the sign of the cross and mentions Ash Wednesday in his conversations with Bennett, will he and Parker figure out what and who before time runs out?

Okay, so I should have realized if Cross Country hit me the wrong way last month that perhaps another Patterson should been on my radar again. But, I read Step on a Crack, also featuring Bennett and really liked it. I guess, I could just see Bennett as an Irish Alex Cross and it was making me mad because he is so much better than that and had his own thing going on in the other book that I read. I guess, I see why one can pump out so many books so quickly.

A little disappointing, but the intensity was there and I really liked the mystery of the book. A little irritated with Mike in the whole Emily vs. the nanny decision making he was having to make and hope that the door isn't closed on that at least.

Fast and decent read...

What is your favorite mystery / murder / FBI book?


Amber said...

I haven't read that one yet but I might have to, I really like James Patterson books, I find them fast, easy and enjoyable reads!!

Anonymous said...

I'm working my way through Patterson's most recent books... haven't been impressed in quite a while. =/

Kelly said...

I am a big fan of the woman murder club or whatever they are called ones by James Patterson- I wish he could write those faster. Have never been able to totally get into the other James Patterson books, but I should try another one at some point.