Friday, March 5, 2010

Funny Farm

And no, that isn't in reference to where they should maybe take me after my day yesterday, where I misplaced my keys twice and my flash drive once. Yeah. It was a winner of a day!

However, in honor of Reading Month I am going to post at least one children's book a week with a short review, because I kind of read them EVERY DAY.

We have read Dr. Seuss EVERY day this week and my kids love him just as much as me. But there will be no more Dr. Seuss next week, because quite frankly, a girl can only read nonsense for so long before she needs a good realistic story. Even if it is a children's book.

So, like always, I have digressed... BACK TO THE TOPIC..

Funny Farm by Mark Teague

Edward goes to visit his aunt, uncle and cousin at Hawthorne Farm. The book covers a day of his visit, he gets to milk cows, feed pigs gather eggs, make maple syrup, plow and paint a barn among other activities. The story makes it sound simple, but the pictures tell the real tale of Edwards day. :)

This is a short, beautifully illustrated story that will interest kids around ages 3-5. I won't lie, the illustrations make this book. There is not a lot of words, but the younger ones are more all about the pictures anyway. There is about a sentence per page, but the illustrations will have kids LAUGHING and open up lots of room for parents/adults to ask questions. Why? What? Who? What do you think happens next? Why did he do that? Please make sure, to always TALK about what you read with your child and just read it. (Yes, that was the teacher in me..sorry)

I think this would be a book geared towards boys and animal lovers. I'm sure girls would love it too, but it has a boy main character and I know that makes boys pay more attention.

What is your favorite animal book? Have any good memories of celebrating reading month in school as a child?


Anais said...

I had never read a Dr. Seuss book until last year!!! That's also when I saw How the grinch stole Christmas, and then I was curious so I read green eggs and ham ;)

Marie Cloutier said...

I think every month was reading month when I was a kid, LOL. My favorite animal book was FERDINAND THE BULL. Still love it.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm looking forward to these posts. My nephews LOVE books. And all of them are animal lovers so they would really enjoy this book.

I can't think of any animal books that I loved! Maybe that is why I am not an animal lover as an adult - I might not have gotten exposed to animals/animal books as a child!

Kelly said...

Haha I find Dr. Seuss to be hard to read aloud sometimes, I get all tongue twisted :) I'm so excited you are going to review kids books. I am always looking for new ones. I just wish I had endless money to buy new books!