Monday, March 15, 2010

Sexaholics - Pynk

Ow ow... This book is not for the faint of heart or for the underage crowd. Sexaholics is an Erotic fiction about 4 women who are addicted to sex.

Miki has multiple men she has 'relations' with (Trying to keep the blog review PG-13ish here.. ha) and doesn't have a problem with juggling her boyfriend, her sugar daddy, a fellow Sexaholic Anonymous addict, her ex-boyfriend and HER BEST-Friend Valencia. Oh and did I mention she had sex with her pregnant sister's husband? Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Valencia has a fiance, Greg who she has been together with since college who used to get freaky with her. Now that he wants to settle down and get married he wants to be DONE with the freaky. But on his terms only. It's okay for him to sit at his computer all night looking at certain sites and taking care of business and MAYBE okay for Val to hook up with a female now and the, but another male? No....

Teela has an addiction to watching people. Her man with other women, other strangers, anyone.

Brandi is a school teacher who is also an alcoholic and gets caught doing THE WORST THING EVER. She actually was a character I could NOT relate to and wanted to throttle and hurt. Ugh.

So this is my first EVER Erotica and it was definitely NOT tame at all. There were tons of sex scenes, basically every page. Lots of detail and lots of people having relations with lots of other people. It is not a book for a lot of people. But I would say that it definitely was written to be enjoyed and some of the analogies had me laughing hysterically and telling my husband about them.

I also would say, that I probably would never have bought this book for myself, and I did receive it for free through a giveaway. I liked it more than the smutty romance novels my grandma tried to get me to read all the time. This was more real, more believable and the writing was good. But, it is Erotica.

Have you ever read Erotica before? Want to but are too embarrassed to admit it? Too embarrassed to look for it at the store? Buy it online!! ;)


Amber said...

Hahaha some of the first books I read were Harelequin romances stolen from my mom and grandma's book collection! LOL!

Kelly said...

Haha I haven't read anything like this before but it does sound pretty hilarious! I basically was laughing just reading about it in your blog :)

Leigh Hutchens Burch said...

This sounds like a fun read. I've never really read much romance or erotica, except for this one phase in my late teens... one that lasted only a couple of weeks. I discovered a website online, and would read a few stories and then feel guilty and vow to never return. Then, I discovered the Vagina Monologues -- and it somehow changed the way I felt about reading sexy writing. :)

Anais said...

So fun!!! I've never read anything like that that but good tip on buying online ;) It's like that Sex and the City episode where Charlotte is embarrassed to buy a self-help book!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I tried reading an Erotica book years ago but it was just too much for me! I would find myself blushing even if I was reading it in the privacy of my home!

The steamiest stuff I've read is Danielle Steele!

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