Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have started and stopped and erased the review of The Awakening more than twice. That is just going to have to wait. I have started and stopped an "All I want for Christmas --- books" about five times. I am lacking the focus.

Not only am I lacking the focus for writing the blog, but I am lacking focus everywhere. I have been forgetting about everything, not comprehending simple sentences being said to me, and losing my ever loving patience.

I need Christmas break. I need it soooooooo bad. And sadly, I already am thinking how it is not long enough. We haven't had recess outside in about 2 weeks. The weather has either been too cold or too wet and my kids don't all have the right clothes on any given day and when the majority do not, I am not going to make them stay inside while half go out. At 5 years old, it is not their fault they don't have it.

This post is about all over as my mind keeps flying. I have ideas for posts, but the motivation to start them and implement them erases the moment I click on "New Entry." I really need some focus.

And to make a further random jump of topic... Those of you who are purchasing gifts for a significant other, what are some things you are getting them? I need to get my husband something "fun" or something and this year I haven't found the idea yet and I am clearly running out of time!

And in hopes of jump starting my "focus" what would you like me to blog about?


Anais said...

I get that too sometimes! Now I just jot down ideas when I get them because like you, as soon as I press "start post"... all thoughts go away!

As for a gift for a significant other... it's hard, not knowing him or anything! But if you check out Cup of Jo and her holiday gift guide I thought she had a lot of good ideas! Or maybe something sports related? Does he like the Olympic Games? There's a lot of olympic-related stuff going on right now :)

Anonymous said...

I got to your blog one day through Lisa at Lisa's Yarns; I've never commented before...but I definitely feel you on the lack of focus- I think it's just that time of year, or seomthing.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I feel the lack of focus as well - or just the general feeling of being 'scatterbrained'.

I have not gotten very far in The Awakening. The book just hasn't 'grabbed' me yet. I am almost done w/ another book (Outlander) and once i Finish that, I intend to tackle The Awakening...

Looking forward to your review!

And I don't have any general requests for your blog - I like what you do right now!

Amber said...

You could do a Q&A post maybe? That might help. I am feeling that way about blogging lately too, I think it's because I'm ON my break so I just don't have the time to devote to it that I usually do.

Gift for a significant other? Hmmmm. Boys are SO hard to buy for. Eric is really into video games so I will usually get him something for his xbox. Or maybe you could get something for him that you guys could do together like a couples massage or something?

Luanne said...

Ahh no ideas for you blogging or gift wise. I am just waiting for holidays too. I don't have two weeks, but have 2 4 day stretches, but I am soooo looking forward to sitting and doing nothing!!