Saturday, November 1, 2014

November's Meal Plan

Like I mentioned earlier this week, October was super crazy.  To the point where I had meal planned but looking back, we barely ate what I said we were going to each week and we ate out so much more than I wanted and it was crazy.  But, I got a plan for November and I am even going to try a few new to us recipes so I'm excited!

November 1st - Chicken & Dumplings
Nov. 3rd - Tater Tot Skillet Casserole
Nov. 4th Chili (frozen leftovers from last month) over potatoes
Nov. 5th leftover chili
Nov. 6th beef enchiladas
Nov. 7th out on a date or leftovers
Nov. 10th Peasant Pasta
Nov. 11th Chicken fajitas
Nov. 12th Cheesy Taco Soup
Nov. 13th leftovers
Nov. 14th homemade pizza
Nov. 17th Penne alla Rosa
Nov. 18th homemade chicken nuggets
Nov. 19th Quesadillas
Nov. 20th Three Cheese Lasagna in a skillet
Nov. 21st leftovers
Nov. 23rd Jambasta
Nov. 24th leftovers
Nov. 25th rice & veggies
Nov. 26th steak

I'm excited to try a few Rachael Ray recipes that I found in some cookbooks that I really haven't cracked in years but I wanted to try to liven up the meal planning because I was sitting and looking at my calendar with a ahhhh look! What's a weeknight favorite recipe of yours that you keep in your rotation?

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