Sunday, November 2, 2014


Reading: The Vineyard!

Loving:  cardigans.. living in them.  that and these awesome jeans i got from old navy that don't fall off my butt and don't stretch out during the day!!

Thinking: about what I want to do with my life..

Frustrated:  my job

Feeling:  crazy, pulled in a million directions and that I am not doing any of my 'hats' well..

Anticipating: thanksgiving crazyness

Watching:  lots and lots of football!

Sad:  that I saw SNOW FLURRIES on Halloween which means WINTER.

Working:   on improving my life

Grateful:  for my child and how hilarious she is.  and smart.  she's so awesome.

Listening:  to kids books on cd on the way to and from work.  ever since my XM subscription ran out I've been very disappointed in local radio stations

Wishing: I could work part-time or in a position that I felt was a good fit.  I've been really pulled in a certain direction that is not where I'm at but I need to decide something soon...

What are you currently reading, watching or thinking about?

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