Monday, November 3, 2014

Goals for this week

I am taking a page from Kelly and posting my goals for this week.  I can't be trusted to do a whole month of goals.  Meal plan? Yes.  But goals, eek. 

1. Work out twice this week.  My coworker and I are going to try to run/walk together right after school twice this week so I am planning on that being my two times.  We are doing a weight loss challenge and while I've done pretty well food wise, working out has been horrible.  So I need this so I don't have to pay in on Thursday!

2. Read the majority of The Vineyard.  I need to spend more time at night reading.  But it seems that I've spent most of my Internet time at night catching up facebook groups that I'm apart of and that is why I can't even stay up to date on my blog/blog reading.  And then I just want to go to bed early and no reading.

3.  Drink two of my water bottles full of water M-Th.  I've been slacking on the water consumption but I feel like I never remember to drink while I'm at work until after lunch!

What are your goals for the week? Month?

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