Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Meal Plan

Back to the grind again so that means back to meal planning a month out.  I let it go after spring break last year and that definitely turned into poorer eating choices and irresponsible grocery shopping.  But I'm starting off the school year fresh again with a plan.  Last year I had good intentions of making muffins on the weekend and having them for breakfast.  I think I lasted one or two weeks.  I'm giving it a go again this year but with the intention of freezing some each week and switching out with other ideas.  So, I will always have a quick to go in the freezer option or the generic cereal/milk or whatever we have around.  We always have oatmeal as well. 

For dinners I'm definitely starting the school year with a collection of your favorite one skillet meals, soups and crock pot recipes!

Week 1 -
Breakfast - Pumpkin Oat Chocolate Chip Muffins

2nd - Cheesy Chicken & Rice in crock pot
3rd - Rotel Chicken (crock)
4th - leftovers
5th - leftovers or take out

Week 2
Breakfast - Baked Oatmeal Squares (big plans to add in pumpkin!)

8th - Quesadillas
9th - on our own (AND MY BABY'S FIRST DAY OF PRESCHOOL!!!!)
10th - Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese
11th - Cheesy Taco Soup

Week 3
Breakfast - Hard boiled Eggs

15th - Southwestern Chicken Skillet
16th - leftovers
17th - Three Cheese Lasagna Skillet
18th - leftovers
19th - takeout

Week 4
Breakfast - Banana Chocolate Muffins

22nd - Skillet Chili Mac
23rd - leftovers
24th - Buffalo Chicken Cheeseteaks
25th - book club / on your own
26th - Italian Chicken

Week 5
Breakfast - Smoothies

29th - Spaghetti
30th - Tacos

When I am doing my weekly shopping I will decide on fruits/veggies depending on what is on sale / our garden and what goes well with what is on sale.  I do rely on a lot of steamfresh bags of veggies for our sides.

Lunches are typically leftovers, quick sandwiches or I'm thinking of using muffins/hard boiled eggs as options too.  I have to eat my lunch with my students so I need something quick.  Especially now that we are eating in our classrooms and I probably won't be able to run out to use a microwave until nap time so then that would push my lunch time back until after 1:30.  So quick lunches with no need to reheat need to happen.  I never have good ideas for lunches besides chicken salad sandwiches and salami and cheese until I get sick of that.  I never really want salads at lunch unless they are taco salads.  Any lunch ideas?

What's on your menu? Any crock pot links that you've tried and loved? How do you make your hard boiled eggs? How do you eat them? Favorite fall food?

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