Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stitch Fix #1

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows that I am honest.  If I don't like a book, I'll tell you.  I don't change my opinion based on getting free books vs. buying them with my own money. I've only ever had one author angrily contact me because I said his book sucked (and it did).  So please know that I am also completely honest with my Stitch Fix review.

I've wanted to try out Stitch Fix for about 9ish months or more now.  I've been in love with pieces I've seen in other people's fixes and wanted them for myself.  I was a bit leery on prices because my shopping motto tends to be -- buy it on clearance or buy it cheap.  However, I do really need nice clothes.  I am getting sick of my wardrobe or lack thereof and I hate trying on crap.  So Stitch Fix is genius for me.  Have it delivered to my house and return it pain free.  And it was almost pain free returns until I almost clicked BUY on all of them.  Eeek.  Thank God for the review window or I'd have bee SOL! ha.

So Stitch Fix.. I got my Fix in the mail a day early and COULD not wait for my child to go down for her nap so I could play dress up.

The first thing I did after taking pictures of the box was to quickly try on the necklace because I loved it.  Sadly, the clasp was a bit broken and I was sad.  HOWEVER, they have awesome customer service.  After I had finished trying everything on and realized I did really want to keep the necklace, I emailed their customer service and they checked to see if they had another to send me.  Sadly, they did not, but they said if I thought it could be fixed they'd give me a 15 percent off discount.  I consulted with my husband and we decided to keep the necklace. Yay.  I've worn it twice so far and it has held up fine!

Also, I don't like surprises and as soon as I saw that my order shipped I may have stalked my items online.  I'm horrible at Christmas.  So I was super excited because what I could find online looked cute!!!

So the first thing I attempted to try on were the Emer High Waisted Cropped Trousers.  Just looking at them I didn't think they would fit.  Halfway up my thighs it was confirmed.  No go. Also? They were 98 dollars and I would not have bought them even if they had fit.  That's too much for me!

Then I tried on the Clarice Multi Stripe Knit Fit & Flare Dress.  OMG guys.  I loved it.  It was awesome.  It was THE PERFECT length for me.  But it was too snug at my boobs.  If this had fit better I'd have bought it for sure. 

Then I tried on the Azalea Heathered Open Cardigan.  I live in cardigans.  Sadly, the sleeves were too snug for me so this was a no go as well.

Lastly, I tried on the Adela Embroidered Split Neck Blouse.  I tried this on with jeans, a skirt, leggings, you name it.  I texted pictures to friends. I hemmed, I hawwed.  I decided it was too snug as well and I couldn't justify keeping a snug shirt that I'd have to buy a cami for that was 68 dollars.

So in conclusion, I kept zero clothes and 1 necklace.  I was disappointed.  When I returned my stuff I did adjust my sizing because the stylist had me down but the sizing was not right.  But, it's probably just my fat ass that needs to work out.  I will totally be trying out Stitch Fix again and hoping for some better fitting results.  So, here it is, my first Fix, keeping it real here.

If you've been thinking about checking out Stitch Fix, please use my link to sign up! I do get a 25.00 credit when you place your first order! Thanks. ;)

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What did you think? Do you like shopping?

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