Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Looking Forward

The weather has been amazing but it's right at that point where it's turning into the dreaded 9 month winter.  Please let EVERYONE be wrong and have a super mild winter.  PLEASE.  I'm getting old and can not take anything under 60 anymore.  I need to play the lotto to get myself outta here! ;)

Today - Hump Day! I'm excited that I only have students one more day this week after today! We are learning about apples right now and it's exciting watching them just soak up new information.

This weekend - I am getting my hair cut and dyed! I am so ready.  I haven't been since April.  My hair is a weird color and it needs to go.  And my hair has hit the length where I'm always like CHOP IT OFF! I can't decide if I want to do 3 inches or four.  I know I want a dark brown color with no red hints.

This month - Louisville! A family friend is getting married and I am headed down with my parents.  A whole weekend child and husband free!! WOOO.  I am stoked to hang out with some friends and drink and read! And not be in charge of anything! I'm also excited for our family pictures! But I need to figure out what we are wearing!

This year - My bff is getting married! I can't wait.  I am so excited for her!

What are you looking forward to?

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