Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Three Year Old's Library Finds

We hit up the library for the first time over summer break because the weather this week hasn't been stellar.  Monday we did get to play outside a lot and swim in the pool but it wasn't 'hot' and the pool was not refreshing it was just a tad chilly for those of us not three years old!  Tuesday, we hit up our other book place, Barnes & Noble because I seem to collect their gift cards and I needed a copy of The Burgess Boys for our Books & Bars meeting later this month. 

Both the library and Barnes & Noble are our fave spots in the summer.  Books (both of us), train (her), and a/c (both of us). 

It's still hard for Isla to pick out her own library books because of the distraction of the train and all the other toys and things to look at, so I tend to pick most of her books or get yes or no's from her as I show her stuff.

Yesterday at Barnes & Noble we read almost all of the Elmo books they had there (gag me) and when it was time to go I did tell her she could pick out one book but NOT Elmo so of course she picked a Curious George book "monkey book mama'.  I am so not a fan of commercialized books but when my sweetie was SO good at sharing and listening I just have to reward her, especially after overhearing a conversation between a grandma and mom and the two little girls with them.  Oh lord.  I feel for those kids and I'm so glad my baby has me and I'm glad that I know as an adult how not to talk to children.  Eessh. Poor babies.  I hope Isla grows up to realize how lucky she is because I know I know as an adult how lucky I was as a child.

Today I did most of the picking...

Underwater Counting was picked because she is obsessed with counting lately and it looked cute.
Fancy Nancy because I love the vocabulary used.
The Pigeon Wants a Puppy because 1) The Pigeon is HILARIOUS and 2) the kid loves puppies .. (also if you don't think the pigeon books or the elephant and piggy books are hilarious, you're reading them wrong and you need me to read them to you stat)
Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site because I've debated buying it a bunch
Ten Little Caterpillars because she loves counting and caterpillars
Pigs Make Me Sneeze because Mo Willems is awesome.  Seriously, if you have young kids you should be checking out Mo books! The only one I'm not a fan of so far is Knufflebunny.
This excites me for many more library trips over the summer.  Hopefully we will make it to story time and move and groves as our schedule allows!
What did you last get from the library?

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