Thursday, June 26, 2014

Return to Sullivan's Island

There is always one book that one of your favorite author's writes and you're like, SAY WHAT? And you only stick with it because you know the other stuff you've read is soo good.  This is one of those instances.  This is also one of those instances when the follow up to a favorite book just fails.  I picked this book up at our used book sale because we all know I can't let a 'series' go, they must be finished! So I HAD to follow up Sullivan's Island with this.  Ugh.  Just Ugh..

Same characters, same family as Sullivan's Island which was SO good.  This time? Yuck.  Point of view changed far too much and was just jarring.  Beth was stupid.  It was just ugh. I was super disappointed.  But that didn't mean I didn't stay up late to finish, which was partly because I didn't want to lug a hardcover book on vacation with me, but still, major disappointment! These characters could have had such better resolutions, and frankly I'd have loved more insight into the Susan/Simon angle!


It was impossible to remember how gorgeous the Lowcountry was. It never changed and everyone depended on that.

Newly graduated from college, Beth Hayes has worlds to conquer. But her grand ambitions are put on hold when she's elected by the family elders to house-sit the Island Gamble�ghosts and all.
But there is much about life and her family's past that Beth doesn't understand. And her plans to rest and rejuvenate�to bask in memory and the magic of white clapboards and shimmering blue waters�begin dangerously unraveling when she falls in love.
Still, everything here happens for a reason�and disappointment, betrayal, even tragedy are more easily handled when surrounded by beloved family and loyal friends.

What sequel/follow up book disappointed you? Do you keep reading a series even when it starts to annoy you or can you easily walk away from the story lines?

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