Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Currently: June

Reading: Return to Sullivan's Island when writing this but probably something else, when you are reading this! ;)  Most likely, The Burgess Boys, The Hunger Games or something else..

Loving: not working

Thinking:  about what to make for dinner.  Not having a/c and not going to the store while preparing for a vacation makes for interesting meals when you don't want to put on the oven and then it decides to storm!

Frustrated:  by people who bring their sick child to family functions.  If a doctor gives you an antibiotic, it's not allergies FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME.  And perhaps if your doctor says that, you may want to get a new one.  I think they suck.  My kid caught your kid's allergies, AGAIN.

Feeling: eager for the scale to move down.  I'm working out and trying to be super mindful of what I eat and it's not budging and it's making me mad.  I'm sore, I'm doing it, I'm drenched in sweat but I do not lose.  I feel like it should be melting away but nope, most likely when I weigh myself again I will have gained weight, again. 

Anticipating:  camping with all the cousins.  The beach, smores, reading, hopefully some relaxing.

Watching:  Rizzoli & Isles, Pretty Little Liars and a new fave, Farmhouse Rules which is a cooking show.  I just finished catching up on Revenge and Pretty Liars (in time for it to start again ha)

Sad: my kid has been sick and the weather has sucked so that our first two weeks of break have included far more TV and staying in the house than normal

Working:  on nothing.  I should soon be working on cleaning out or guest room/office because it became a dumping ground this school year

Grateful:  for my family

Listening: The Highway on XM radio.  I've really been enjoying anything Luke Bryan, Eric Church and I love Bottoms Up by Brantley Gilbert.

Wishing: for central air.  SOme day.  And a wraparound porch.  And a hot tub.

What are you currently reading, anticipating, and grateful for?

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