Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Toddler Reads...

We love books.  As an adult reader I can barely stand to re-read books but as a child I re-read my favorites all the time.. BSC books, Boxcar Children, Lurlene McDaniel books etc..  I could do it over and over even though I knew how they ended.  But now? I just can't.  I can occasionally if I put a few years between them but there are just so many books and so little time.

My child is like me as a child and like all children, really.  She gets her faves and then we must read them over and over and over.  And while as an educator I know this is good and a great learning and pre-reading skill it drives ME BONKERS.  So my child has way more books than toys.  And I keep buying more.  Or getting more from friends. ;) 

Here are some new reads we got from a friend recently..

Punk Farm by Jarrett J. Krosoczka - This is hands down both of our favorites.  Farmer Joe has no idea that his barnyard animals have their own band that performs late at night when he is sleeping.  Half the excitement in this book is the way I read it.  I have a rock and roll voice for singing Old Macdonald had a Farm which is way different than my normal singing voice that cracks the kiddo up every single time.  It is so important to change your voice and use inflection when reading to your child.  They and you will have more fun! ;) Best for ages 2-6!

Description: After a long day of work, Farmer Joe goes home to bed.

But meanwhile, back at the barn . . .
Cow sets up her drums.
Pig plugs in his amp.
Goat tunes his bass.
Chicken sets up her keyboards.
And Sheep checks the microphone.

They are Punk Farm and tonight they're ready to ROCK!

With adorable farm animals - and a surprise tribute to Old MacDonald - this rollicking tale is sure to have kids cheering--and singing--along

I know a Rhino by Charles Fuge - This is a silly rhyming book with lots of animals.  My kiddo likes pointing out the different animals and I like the wonderful rhyme (GREAT PRE-READING SKILL).  It's short, the pictures are great and it's a nice new book to snuggle and share.  Best for ages 1-3

Description: These are my friends
I know them, you see.

I know them quite well...
because they live with me!

Charles Fuge's delightful rhyming text and absolutely adorable images bring to life a little girl and her charming animals as they play all day. She spins round with her hippo, blows bubbles in the bath with giraffe, and picnics on brown bread and honey with her bear when it's sunny. And, did you ever meet a leopard in top hat and tail? He's simply the best, as anyone can see. It's the most delightful menagerie imaginable, and the sweetest story--with a little twist at the end.

The Pigeon has Feelings, Too by Mo Willems - LOVE WILLEMS! I am slowly building up our personal library full of his books.  So simple but with voice inflections and expressions they easily become kiddos favorites.  This is a short board book that discusses feelings.  The bus driver wants the pigeon to smile but the pigeon doesn't want too, he is sick an tired of everyone TELLING HIM WHAT TO DO and when to smile so he will do what he wants....  This book is great.  I love it for myself because I hate when people tell me to smile because I have a bitch face for a resting face. ;P  And it's great for kiddos.  Best for ages 1-3

Description: How does it feel to be a Pigeon? Well, the bus driver is trying to get him to act happy, but as we all know, this is one bird that is not going to be told what to do! Throughout this hilarious board book, Pigeon runs through his signature gamut of emotions while attempting to thwart his old nemesis.

Do you have any silly books that you like to read? Are you a re-reader or are you a one and doner?

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