Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New books for babe

I've gone a little crazy reading some of the same stories over and over again so I ordered some new books for the two year old last week from Amazon and I love them all!

Let's go for a Drive by Mo Willems - Ahhh I love this book.  Elephant and Piggie want to go for a drive.  What do they need on the drive? On and on it goes until ummm... they have all this stuff but they don't have a car! Ahhh.. What will they do? I love it and my favorite part is how I can read this book and make it come alive.  I love the lines when elephant sings (ok maybe he doesn't but in my reading voice he does!) "Drive! Drive! Drivey-drive-drive! "and then Piggy answers with whatever they added to their pile to take on the trip.  Cute illustrations.  Highly recommend this and any other Mo Willems book.  Best for ages 2-5.

Diapers Are Not Forever by Elizabeth Verdick - I was looking on Amazon and I saw that there was a series of books about behaviors.  This book, Pacifiers Are Not Forever, Hands are for Helping not Hitting, etc and thought I would give this one a try because we looooove potty books at our house.  Me because they are usually hysterical and the child because well it's something we've introduced to her life that is still a mystery.  I would say this is one of the better ones.  It's not comical, it is very matter of fact about what happens and why we do it and great illustrations of people doing what is expected of a potty training kid.  I would definitely use this to introduce the idea of potty training to a kid.  Best for kids ages 1-3.

Five Little Monkeys jump in the bath - by Eileen Christelow - My child LOOOVES monkeys and loves 5 little Monkeys jumping in the bed so I gave this a whirl.  Great illustrations and it has a great rhythm. "slippy, sloppy, goopy, gloopy!" and other fun rhymes.  Perfect pre-reading skills.  ::cough cough:::  Also, the words are highlighted by different colors that you can point out to your child.  Great connection to counting  How many monkeys? Count them out one by one.  Point to each as you say a number.  Great skills for getting ready for preschool/kindergarten.  Best for kids ages 1-4.

I'm so glad that these were all winners! We love new books! What are some of your favorite children books?

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