Monday, August 12, 2013

10 Reasons I Wouldn't Survive on Downton Abbey

1. Carson's proclamation that young men will be young men and it's the girl's fault for not saying no and ending up pregnant.

2.  Lord Grantham would get an ear full if he told me multiple times he didn't want to worry my delicate self.

3.  Corsets.

4.  I'd freaking kill Thomas.

5. The whole socially acceptableness of marrying your cousin.  Eww.

6. Ethel and I would get into a nasty cat fight.

7. I wouldn't be able to stay silent on how stupid it is a woman can't inherit Downton Abbey and the money.

8. All the dresses all the time. 

9. I'm pretty sure I'd kill Bate's wife myself.  Stupid stupid woman.

10. The inability who to just marry who you want for love and not being able to kiss, touch or whatever before hand without it being totally unacceptable and ruining oneself.  Whateves.

Basically, I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut and I'd be told too many times that people would start thinking I believed the stuff I said ala Lady Mary.

Do you watch Downton? Why wouldn't you survive?

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