Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Currently --- August

I love when Kyria and other's do these so I'm playing along. ;)

Current Book - I just finished Isle of Palms by Dorothea Benton Frank and am FINALLY picking up Kisscut by Karin Slaughter (yet another series I like) I didn't realize I needed to read this one before the others I got from the library so I've been on hold for that series.  I'm hoping to read three of them before I go back to work. That is probably overly ambitious.

Current Drink - Cabernet Sauvignon.  I'm on a kick.  Brand doesn't really matter because I have cheap taste.  Any recommendations? I've also wanted a good Malbec lately.  Any recommendations there?

Current Excitement - The back to school excitement has hit me.  I'm going to be full time this year and have my OWN CLASSROOM THAT I DO NOT HAVE TO SHAREEEE... Yes that required caps.  I can do what I wantttttttttttt. ;)  Okay, so I kinda could before but now I can plan when/what I want and organize how I want.  Very important.  And I can't wait to meet my new kids.  Let's bottle this emotion for February. ;)

Current Favorite Blog/Website - Iowa Girl Eats recipes have been popping up a lot in our house lately and yummm.  Except for the blueberry granola recipe.  That was disgusting.

Current Love - Eric Church.  Saw him in concert last weekend and I'm hopelessly in love.

Current Food - I've been all over the Mexican.  Taco Pie, Steak fajitas, refried beans, Spanish rice.  I want it allll.  Oh and the blueberry salsa I made was yummy too.

Currently Pondering - How I'm going to survive the crazy that is the fall but will probably just take it hour by hour or I will go insane.

Current Peeve - Charging 30-40-50 dollars to park for concerts/baseball games.  THAT IS RIDICULOUS.  Oh the worst is charging 50 dollars and then saying no tailgating.  Um no.  If I pay 50 dollars to park.  I can do what I want.  OUTRAGEOUS.  Boo to you Detroit.

Current Song - This isn't anything new but just like last summer I'm blasting "Springsteen" by Eric Church.  :::swoon:::

Current TV Show - Downton Abbey.  Officially caught up.  I think we watched all three seasons in three weeks.  Maybe two.  Two plus episodes nightly I think.  Now I have to catch up on my others!

Current Wish-List - Housekeeper, nanny, landscaper, new house, new car, new wardrobe..  go big or go home.. ;)

Currently Delaying - Cleaning eeek.

What's your current new song? Recipe? Tv show? Anything currently bugging you?

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