Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Isle of Palms

You know me and once I get on a kick.  This summer I've been on a Carolina kick.  And once I read one of Dorothea Benton Frank's books I kinda got sucked into them.  This one took me a bit longer to read after I got sucked into Downton.  What can I say? Once I get sucked in good I'm a bit addicted.

Description: Anna Lutz Abbot considers herself independent and happy, until one steamy summer when she must find a way to deal with the secrets of her unpredictable family-and her past.

So Anna had a really shitty childhood.  And basically if something bad could happen it did.  She was drugged and raped at 18 and married her gay best friend and that was just the beginning.  Where the story really starts is present day and Anna is just FINALLY looking into leaving her father's house that she's lived in for years.  She's a hair stylist and she's also thinking about moving out on her own.

Her new neighbors are a little crazy and a lot of fun.  Frank mentions in the beginning that she used real people for characters in her story and there were a lot of characters.  Almost too many.  Some kind of blended together and by the end I couldn't always keep everyone straight which was kind of a pain when they went from no starring role to kind of important and I was like who the heck are they?

Frank is a hilarious author and I would recommend it her if you are interested in the Lowcounty area.  My favorite is still the first I read Folly Beach.

This would be a good beach read but I definitely would read Folly Beach over this one if you are just checking out Frank for the first time!

Have you read any books set in South Carolina? North Carolina? Would you recommend any?

Don't forget to suggest a book for September!

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