Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The No Good Horrible Complaint List

I need to get this out in my space so as to not totally go postal on the next person who crosses me.  It's one of those days.

- The United States is not China.  Excuse me while I laugh at you while you try to prove your political statement with comparing them. Also? Just because someone doesn't agree with a political party does not mean they are apathetic and know nothing.  I assure you random facebook commenter that there are even people YOUR OWN age that disagree with your political stance and my age has nothing to do with what I think/believe.

- If I try to be helpful and explain how you can get better customer service after you complain about crappy service and I have had experience with the company, do NOT just ignore me and go on your hormonal tirade.  I get it, you are pregnant and uncomfortable but listen to reason, I and the rest of the world beg of you.  It's an easy fix if you calm the eff down.

- Sticks need to be removed from all butts.  No one put you in charge.

- If I cannot fall asleep until 1:30 in the morning it is cruel that my 2 year old for the second night in a row wakes hourly from 3-7.  I like my hangover feeling earned.

- Allergies suck.

- I should not have frozen toes and fingers in the middle of June.

- I'd like to take a nanny on vacation so I can enjoy it too.

- Bloat can suck it.

- Weekend not week-end.

- And such.

- Complaining about something and then doing it to someone else.  Umm?  I just can't help you there.

- Lack of dental insurance.

Phew... I feel much better now.  What's annoying you right now? Basically, I need to stay off the Internet, hide in my room and just eat tons of carbs.  Instead, I am going to the park and buying a large ass cup of coffee on my way and eat a lunch of hummus and vegetables.  Here's to Hump Day! It is Hump Day, right? Ahhh...

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