Friday, June 21, 2013

The Girl in the Green Raincoat

Once upon a time three/two years ago, I won a book called The Girl in the Green Raincoat.  At the time, I didn't realize it was the 11th book in a series and my OCD of reading series in order would not allow for me to read it though I was assured it could be a stand alone book.  And, after reading it, it COULD be, but after putting in the effort to read the 10 other books IN order, I would have been pissed to read this one first.  Also, why did it take me this long to finally this one when I've had it for three/two years and I read book 10 in this series in 2011? Um cuz, I was hoping Laura Lippman would have come out with another book and so when I finished it I wouldn't be done and totally caught up.  Crazy? I am.


Description: In the third trimester of her pregnancy, Baltimore private investigator Tess Monaghan is under doctor's orders to remain immobile. Bored and restless, reduced to watching the world go by outside her window, she takes small comfort in the mundane events she observes . . . like the young woman in a green raincoat who walks her dog at the same time every day. Then one day the dog is running free and its owner is nowhere to be seen. Certain that something is terribly wrong, and incapable of leaving well enough alone, Tess is determined to get to the bottom of the dog walker's abrupt disappearance, even if she must do so from her own bedroom. But her inquisitiveness is about to fling open a dangerous Pandora's box of past crimes and troubling deaths . . . and she's not only putting her own life in jeopardy but also her unborn child's.

Previously serialized in the New York Times, and now published in book form for the very first time, The Girl in the Green Raincoat is a masterful Hitchcockian thriller from one of the very best in the business: multiple award-winner Laura Lippman

It was worth the wait. ;) I love this series and I would continue reading it forever and ever and ever if there were more books.  Basically in the end, Tess is left wondering how she can be a good PI and a good mom and I WANT TO KNOW TOO. Because you can't just end like that... Please????? ;)

It's very short and I read it all during my daughter's nap the other day.  I found a couple spelling/grammar errors that irked me but hey, whateves.  Tess mentions a few times how her situation (bed rest, watching out her window with binoculars) is a lot like Rear Window, and I confess I have no idea what that is.  Horrible,, I know, but maybe it helped that I had no idea it resembled something else? Regardless, it was a quick read that had mystery and all my favorite characters in it.

I highly recommend the Tess Monaghan series by Laura Lippman if you ever want a little mystery, laughter and excitement in your reading!

Is there a series that you like? Have you read any of Lippman's standalone novels?

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