Monday, June 10, 2013

The Book of Ruth

So, two people whose reading tastes I sometimes agree with and sometimes really don't agree with, both gushed about this book.  Like a good friend, I borrowed it from one of them and then sat on it for a few months.  Then I realized it was June and I should get on that.

Yeah, it was a bust for me.  I've enjoyed books where I can't stand the characters (The Dinner, Gone Girl) but I did not like the characters and the plot did not save it.

Goodreads Description: Winner of the 1989 PEN/Hemingway Foundation Award  for best first novel, this exquisite book  confronts real-life issues of alienation and violence  from which the author creates a stunning testament  to the human capacity for mercy, compassion and  love.

Basically, they suck you into reading the book by not really telling you anything about it. ;P

The writing isn't bad, but the book is just a sad tale of a poor girl whose life sucks and it keeps on sucking and there is no way out of the suck.  So it's a lot of sucking and when there is a lot of sucking you have to have SOMETHING that doesn't suck and well the book just didn't. 

A LOT of people really liked this book, so please don't just listen to me, but it was just a book and nothing I was super impressed with.  I did finish it because, I can't leave things unfinished usually, but it was just eh.

Have you read The Book of Ruth?

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