Monday, June 24, 2013

Last Week's Moving it Results

I was going to call it last week's workouts but umm that would be too generous of a title for what I did. ;)

Monday - 3.1 mile walk, 20 sit ups

Tuesday - 1.7 mile walk, 25 sit ups, a butt toner workout from Self Magazine

Wednesday - 1.7 mile walk, 30 sit ups, 1.5 mile bike ride (I just got the bike out very dusty and cobwebby after 3 years of non-use!)

Thursday - 1 mile walk

Friday - 1.4 mile walk

Saturday - nothing, but we had a wedding so there was dancing and no A/C so yuck, and we went into the pool when we got home but I don't know if I can claim that as a workout!

Sunday - nothing

On the very big positive side I did something every weekday last week! Woohoo! Now to keep it up! My main problem is that my walking buddy only likes about 2 miles in the stroller at a time and by the time my husband gets home at night it's hot and I don't want to walk far.  So I'm hoping to go on some bike rides at night and play time in the pool.

Do you listen to music when you walk or do you prefer to walk without music?

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