Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner

Melanie Stokes was found in an empty Boston hospital room at the age of 9 with no memory of her life before then, or knowledge of her name.  She was adopted by Dr. Harper Stokes and his wife Patricia who were still reeling over the loss of their daughter Meagan 5 years earlier.

Flash forward to the present and Melanie is accosted by a report Larry Digger who claims she is the daughter of the serial killer who killed the Stokes's first daughter. DUN DUN DUN....

And then you need to relax our mind and forget that you will question the rest. ;)  Or maybe it is just me.

The story got completely crazy and out of control and I predicted half of it but it was mindless and a quick read.

I just can't really handle the: I smelled him and now I love him / I must protect the girl / let's become crazy close fast / Let's break the laws and/or rules of my job because I just met you and OMG I LOVE YOU / Or alllll the people conspire to be bad people and well you get the hint...

But in the end, I did read it and it did keep my attention and I only rolled my eyes a couple times. ;)

I also used to read stuff like this all the time between the ages of 12-21 haha

What book have you read recently that you'd recommend?

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