Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lock and Key

I was on a YA kick about 2/3 years ago? I can't even remember now, but in that time frame, I read a few books by Sarah Dessen and I really enjoyed them.  So when I was at the library last month, I picked up another one of hers to read and I was NOT disappointed.

Ruby's mother left her alone in the yellow house they were currently residing in and fortunately/unfortunately for Ruby, it only took social services 2/3 months before they uncovered the 17 year old living alone.  She is sent to live with her older sister, Cora, whom she hasn't seen in 10 years, since the her older sister left for college and never contacted her again. 

There are a few hiccups for the two sisters but they are mainly buffered by Cora's husband, Jamie, who is pretty cool and Ruby really likes.  Of course there are ups and downs with the new living arrangement, as Ruby tries to run away on the very first night she is staying with them! She begrudgingly befriends the next door neighbor Nate and in doing so, learns more about herself and friendship than she's ever known before.

I liked the character of Ruby because she was NOT written as a stupid / stereotypical girl teenager that I've read in so many other YA books.  She is a strong real character with real life situations and handles them in real life 17 year old ways.  It also handles the way her life drastically changes in an a way that I think is realistic.  Of course, it could be said that Ruby is written in a better light than some of her older friends, but it is her story to tell.

I also enjoyed the project that Ruby's new Literature gave them that required Ruby to find out what family means.  She must define it herself and interview others to find out what it means to them.  It helps her growth and guides her decision making as the book progresses,

Have you read a book by Sarah Dessen? Which is your favorite?

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