Saturday, December 29, 2012

Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady

OMG.  This book CRACKED ME UP. Florence King wrote this semi-autbiography about growing up with one crazy ass family and her exploration with which sex she wanted to be with.  We read it for our December Books & Bars pick which we will discuss next week, but it was basically decided upon because of the back of the book description, "no matter which sex I went to bed with, I never smoked on the street."  Bahahaha.

Her Granny is crazy obsessed with turning her into a 'lady' since her mother is so not a lady, she curses! A lot.  In the 1950s.  Her dad is a Brit who is very smart but very weird.  It is by far a very weird living situation and with all of her Granny's attempts to turn Florence into a feminine lady, Granny is soooo not feminine and ladylike!  She is obsessed about talking about periods and blood and people going crazy and well just anything else that I would think normal people would think are UNLADYLIKE.

Basically, her Granny is a hoot and Florence is hysterical.

Florence has a hatred for 'malkins.'  Which is basically normal conventional women who want plain normal basic things and don't think off the cuff.  She LOATHES them.  The way she writes it is sometimes easy to forget this was someones life and it really happened.  She is just freaking hilarious and I can't even properly document it because it just needs to be read. 

It could possibly offend some people with its language, but it's nothing that you haven't heard before and the sex moments are not anything that hasn't been shown on TV!

There were a few moments when I could totally hear my grandma's voice in some of the comments, especially about NOT smoking on the street.

Oh my, it's hilarious.  You should read it!

What is the funniest book you've read recently?

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