Saturday, December 18, 2010

Those Christmas Angels

Okay, I think it is official. I can't read romance novels without rolling my eyes. I mean I haven't even read ONE in all of 2010 but I was looking at my list of things that I said I was going to cross off and knew it was going to be a quick read. Um yeah... well that it was, but seriously??? How did I spend years reading them??????

Oh I take that back, the Kristin Hannah book I read was a romance and that also made me roll my eyes but it had a little more depth it in... True whatever? anywhoooo back on topic.

So, Those Christmas Angels by Debbie Macomber. I will say in the past (summers in college) I would curl up with her books and read them in a night.. the ones that had to do with knitting. They at least didn't have women acting like fools, men like jackasses and still having people fall in love. Cuz THAT IS NOT THE WAY IT IS.

I'm sorry but if a man tries to throw his money at you and accuses you of being like all other women and having a 'price' and how much money and jewelry will it cost him for you to be there whenever he wants you???? YOU RUN. YOU DON'T LISTEN TO HIM AGAIN.

This book basically has a guy who has lost all his happiness and trust in the world because his fiancee left him for his dad which caused his parents divorce and his mother to be penniless. He has tons of money but is a jerk. Enter angels who are going to answer his mom's prayer and find him a wife by Christmas Eve and it is already December (yeah you can roll your eyes now too). So the angels come and they may or may not cause some things to happen to introduce stubborn tall SOLID (wtf is wrong with being athletic and tall and not a freaking petite blond) Julie. They start off yelling at each other and it doesn't get much better until it magically does and then oh my gosh they are falling in love... but this is too easy there must be problems..

yada yada yada... rolling of eyes.... rolling of eyes..

I'm sorry, but it is a Christmas miracle I finished it. It is extremely easy to read, but wow I would not want anyone thinking it is acceptable to be treated the way Roy treated Julie and still get the girl in the end. He needed years of THERAPY before he was ready for Julie on a month with an angels help.

Okay, I should stop now.

What Christmas themed books have you read this year?

(Those Christmas Angels was chosen from my You Pick Ten, and I read them in 2010)