Monday, December 27, 2010

Revolutionary Road

While reading this, I kept wondering, and the point of this book is? Am I supposed to feel sorry for someone here?? Will I want to watch the movie when I am done?

When I finished the answers to the above go something like this, "Everybody is awful." "I only feel sorry for their children." "I may watch it while doing other things."

To sum it up, disappointed. I guess I was hoping/thinking this was an awesome book and it was just ugh. I walk away feeling nothing but, thinking I should have just not read it.

Frank and April have less than ideal childhoods and then fall into a less than ideal marriage. They think way too highly of themselves and have the most controlled ridiculous fights ever. Really, nothing happens in this book to make sense for it to be a book. It is lacking a climax or action or something.

It's just a sad story of two sad people and it ends sadly.

Am I missing something??? If you liked this, why? What am I missing?

I read this as part of the you pick 'em I read 'em in 2010.