Friday, December 24, 2010

January Group Read is...

The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve! (Sorry, I was going to post this last night but I fell asleep early... whoops!)

Back of the book: "I wonder this: If you take a woman and push her to the edge, how will she behave?" The question is posed by Jean, a photographer, who in 1995 arrives on Smuttynose Island, off the coast of Maine, to research a century -old crime. As she immerses herself in the details of the case - an outburst of passion that resulted in the deaths of two women - Jean herself enters precarious emotional territory. he suspicion that her husband is having an affair burgeons into jealousy and distrust, and ultimately propels Jean to the verge of actions she had not known herself capable of - actions with horrific consequences.
Everywhere hailed for its beauty and power, The Weight of Water takes us on an unforgettable journey through the farthest extremes of emotion.

Discussion #1 - January 7th over pages 1-64
Discussion #2 - January 14th over pages 65-135
Discussion # 3 - January 21st over pages 136- 191
Discussion #4 - January 28th over pages 191-end and the overall whole book discussion

I broke up the book into what I think are pretty decent chunks. It doesn't have named chapters so I broke it up by the pages in the book, but they are all the ends of chapters. If the book you get doesn't seem to jive with this, get a hold of me via email pinkflipflops44 at gmail dot com and I we can figure it out if you are confused!

Also, if you are reading through and have questions you want me to post at the beginning of the discussion for everyone to talk about also email those to me by the Thursday night before the Friday discussion. I have added a new commenting system that should allow for people to respond to what others are saying.

Hopefully, it will be easy to get this one from the library because it came out in 1997! I am hoping that this new format will bring more life to the group read!

And I hope EVERYONE has a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!