Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekend Update

Wanted to remind people to suggest a book for our August Group Read ! For new followers, every month we suggest books, then I post a poll on the sidebar of the blog and we pick a book and each of us reads it. Sometimes people post guest blogs on the book, I post my review, I post questions.. we do what we want with it.. Any and all are welcome to join!

I also came across some interesting articles/sites/ideas this week that I wanted to share..

Julie, made this SWEET wreath using book pages! I am in awe. Plus, Julie has a sweet blog anyway, you should check it out!

There is now a dating website where you can find people to date by the books they like! What an interesting way to find an online date. My husband and I would never have found each other. He doesn't *gasp* like to read. And I am fine with that. He reads articles non-stop online and I don't tell him but (that's reading!!) haha. I actually laugh when people make comments about how they couldn't date/marry someone who didn't share their love of reading with them. I giggle and judge that they are toooo picky, because REALLY, that's the reason you aren't gonna get serious with a guy? Whatever, enjoy being alone.

And I know I shared this link the other day, but I just think it has loads of interesting book information!

Any, cool/interesting new sites you came across this week? Anything we all need to check out? Leave a link in the comments.

And don't forget to suggest a book for August!

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