Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Accomplice - Eireann Corrigan

Finn and Chloe are next door neighbors and best-friends. It's the fall of their junior year and the guidance lady has them convinced they won't have that ONE unique thing that will get them into college. They have spent so much time being well-rounded they don't have anything unique. Until, Chloe dreams up a plan where she can disappear and Finn can find her. Just like that Margaret Cook girl who was on alll the magazines and on the tv shows. She was gone for a YEAR and then she just showed up at her parents door. This will put them both on the map and guarantee them a spot at a college and the limelight all on the them.

The girls actually do plan really well and cross all the t's and dot all the i's. Everyone is frantic to find Chloe and they worry the worst has happened. Finn plays the role as devote friend searching. Then the police pull Dean West in for questioning. The same Stuttering Dean that Chloe tried to befriend and give confidence to, earlier in the school year with Finn. Finn tries to get Chloe to come clean. They can't do this to Dean. Plus, Finn tries to tell her about how her parents are sick with worry. Chloe blows it off.

Chloe's plan gets more and more twisted and creepy and Finn tries to back out but she is a follower. She adores Chloe and will do anything she says. And then they kiss. Then Dean gets charged with murder. Finn tries to grow a conscientious but allows Chloe to talk her out of it. Will Dean go away to prison? How will the nightmare EVER end?

For a novel about two teenager girls, I thought this was really well done. The relationship where Chloe has the power and the prestige of being the 'city' girl and Finn feels like a second fiddle. It's also interesting to watch Finn realize that her best-friend and her family aren't as perfect as Finn always thought.

When you were in high school was there someone you idolized and would do anything they wanted? Did someone idolize you?

I thought overall this book was really good and kept me turning the pages. If you want to check it out, it comes out August 2010!

I received this book from the Star Book Tours...


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I definitely did not idolize anyone in high school because I pretty much hated my high school and most of my classmates! I didn't have a typical HS experience, though.

Kelly said...

Wow! Very interesting plot!!! I was reading your post waiting to see what happens next lol! And seriously, where did they hide this girl that no one found her?!

Anyway, I did not idolize anyone in high school, but I definitely look back at some friendships and can see that I was not the one with the power in the relationship to put it nicely... luckily with other friends we had very balanced friendships. I was pretty much a good girl though, I don't think I could've gone through with a plan like that!