Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fly Away Home

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Amazon's Description: Sometimes all you can do is fly away home . . .

When Sylvie Serfer met Richard Woodruff in law school, she had wild curls, wide hips, and lots of opinions. Decades later, Sylvie has remade herself as the ideal politician’s wife—her hair dyed and straightened, her hippie-chick wardrobe replaced by tailored knit suits. At fifty-seven, she ruefully acknowledges that her job is staying twenty pounds thinner than she was in her twenties and tending to her husband, the senator.

Lizzie, the Woodruffs’ younger daughter, is at twenty-four a recovering addict, whose mantra HALT (Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired?) helps her keep her life under control. Still, trouble always seems to find her. Her older sister, Diana, an emergency room physician, has everything Lizzie failed to achieve—a husband, a young son, the perfect home—and yet she’s trapped in a loveless marriage. With temptation waiting in one of the ER’s exam rooms, she finds herself craving more.

After Richard’s extramarital affair makes headlines, the three women are drawn into the painful glare of the national spotlight. Once the press conference is over, each is forced to reconsider her life, who she is and who she is meant to be.

Written with an irresistible blend of heartbreak and hilarity, Fly Away Home is an unforgettable story of a mother and two
daughters who after a lifetime of distance finally learn to find refuge in one another.

I was very excited to read this, I thought political scandal, drug addict daughter, daughter cheating, mom growing some balls, how can this not be great? Well, it just felt kind of blah to me. Which made me sad because I had been so excited to check this one out. Sylvie (love that name) ran away to her family home and started cooking and rekindled a friendship with an older summer flame. Kind of tame, and I understand that there is soo much to try to figure out when your partner of over 30 years cheats on you. But she just wasn't a character that I could really like.

I got pissed that she had put her husband first and let her daughters kind of glide through life and become people they thought their parents wanted but just ended up messed up. Lizzie was probably the only decent character, but even for a 24 year old she seemed awfully naive and stupid.

"Sylvie liked to think that her younger daughter had said please and thank you to her dealer." -pg. 16

I did connect with Diana and understood where she was coming from, but she still needed to leave her marriage long before she did and in a little better manner than she did.

I think the one thing Sylvie did/say in this book that I could really get behind was..

"Sometimes," she began. "Sometimes the worst thing that happens to you, the thing you think you can't survive... it's the thing that makes you better than you used to be." pg. 368

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Unknown said...

I was intrigued with this story and almost picked it up the other day. I'm glad I chose another book and I think I'll still think about this one but it will make it's way further down on my TBR list. Thanks for the review!