Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The 9th Judgment

I typically enjoy James Patterson novels. They are quick and are police oriented with some gruesome scenes and an attempt at some romance. I especially enjoy the Alex Cross series and the Women's Murder Club series. However, after finishing The 9th Judgment, I am feeling a little blah.

I know I also wrote that after I read Cross Country by Patterson in January, and I am thinking that maybe he just can't do it for me anymore, or perhaps he should slow down his book mill. Sometimes quality is much better than quantity.

The 9th installment in the Women's Murder Club, has Sargent Lindsey Boxer looking for the WCF killer. This killer is especially brutal because he attacks women and their young children. He takes no money and just shoots them in cold blood. Lindsey must find out who he is and stop him before he terrorizes San Francisco even more.

On another case, she is searching for the Hello Kitty burglar who is stealing jewels from well-to-do peoples bedrooms --- while they are downstairs!

The love life of Lindsey's seems to have stabilized with her and Joe connecting and not fighting for the entire book, but Lindsey wonders at the beginning if Joe is the one for her. Though, I still think that she and Conklin, her partner should get it on.

It was a fairly easy to predict book, entertaining and fast paced. The last 10 pages of the book were a poor intro to the next installment and added stupid drama that if it was going to be included should have had another outcome.

Have you ever gotten into a series and then become completely apathetic towards the books?


Amber said...

I feel the same way as you do towards James Patterson books. I used to LOVE THEM and would read them so fast. But lately I just can't get into them at all!

Anonymous said...

The Women's Murder Club are the only Patterson books I read (although my mom keeps giving them too me) and I don't even love them. But they are fast and easy. I'm still waiting on this one from the library.
I have finally given up on the Stephanie Plum series. As much as I love Stephanie I got tired of the same story every time.