Friday, August 14, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Obnoxiously Rude Lady who works at the Car Wash:

Yes, I saw you scratch at the sap on my windshield and immediately stop scrubbing on said windshield. Yes, I know you “can’t guarantee getting sap off,” BUT and this is a big BUT, you CAN SCRUB my windshield like you would normally do and IT WILL get some of it off. How do I know this? Because last time I went, a very POLITE girl who works at the car wash scrubbed on my windshield and half of the sap came off!! Wow, imagine that. She scrubbed my car. I did NOT pay you 8 dollars for you to half-ass my car because “you can’t guarantee getting sap off.” Do your job and I would have been happy enough!

Very Disgruntled Customer, who had her mother drive her car through because she is too much of a pansy

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