Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dear Local Postal Office

Dear Rude Postal Workers:

Okay, when I say, I want this sent media mail, the cheapest way possible – that is what I mean. No I do not need any of the extras. I do not need confirmation. If I did I would have said, media mail and can I have whatever extra. If I did not say I wanted insurance, than no insurance needed. I tell you what I want. If I asked for options, by all means give me the options. But I told you straight up what I wanted.

There is no need for you to give me your unsolicited advice. And do not patronize me and say “you look to be my son’s age” and proceed to act like MY mother. I have a mother and this is not the first package I’ve mailed thank you. When I say, I do not care if this actually arrives there or gets lost. I mean that. Let me mail my letter HOW I want and be done with it. That extra 3 cents? Who cares.

Oh, and thanks for the passive aggressive “at least TRY to have a nice day” comment as I was walking out the door.

Thanks for insuring I won’t be back to your postal office for quite some time. You and the last lady I dealt with 2 weeks ago have confirmed that your office is terrible. Back to the small town one I go.

The Girl Who Really Just Wanted to Mail Her Package Media Mail

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Luanne said...

heehee - I know what you mean. I love the ones that call me sweetie and dear. Only my granny gets away with that.