Thursday, May 28, 2009

What to read.. what to read...

The hub and I are headed to Chicago on Sunday and we are taking the train. So I will have a lot of uninterrupted reading time. Now, WHAT DO I BRING??? I don't have a lot of books at home that are unread that seem like fun a fun trip read. I have Middlesex, which I may bring, but I kind of want some chick lit. I may have to go to the library and grab some stuff. My grandma gave me a couple books to read, which I may look at, but I am torn. What to bring, what to bring.. I have a ton of old magazines and I may bring a few of those because I can ditch them when I am done and possibly buy new/used books in Chicago.

Did I mention how excited I am to go to Chicago?? I haven't been since 2004? It's been awhile. I hope the weather somewhat cooperates so we can wander around and be big ole tourists.

What books should I pick up for the trip? Is Middlesex too much for a fun trip? Where should we go while in Chicago?

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