Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekend Plans..

It was crappy all day and the sun came out RIGHT when I got out of work!! Yay! *happy dance* I am sipping on some beer, waiting for the hubby to come home, so I can convince him we need to go on a date! This weekend we had planned on getting our boat out, but after our fabulous friend Travis came to fix it, we now have wiring problems that we need to fix over the weekend. Better on land than in water! So we need to fix that up and do some gardening *gulp* FYI: I HATE DIRT!!!! And we need to do some mowing which I am oddly excited about since I haven't mowed in 2 years.

I am kinda hoping for a bonfire at some point this weekend. A s'more and some grilling sound good to me!!!

What are your plans??? I hope they are fun. Enjoy the long weekend!! HELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOO SUMMER!!!!

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