Monday, May 4, 2009

April's Reads...

12. Rattled! – Christine Coppa (April 15th) - This was fantastic. Coppa is a blogger for and a freelance writer. She is the mother to an adorable boy, Jack Domenic and she does it all alone. Well, all alone with the love and support of her friends and family. Jack's dad bailed before the pregnancy was over and has never met his son. Rattled! is the story of what happens when you end up 26, pregnant, in NYC, all alone. It's the story of growing up, of becoming independent and about love. Excellent representation of a mother and the love she has for her child.

13. Blonde – Joyce Carol Oates (April 16th) - I have many mixed emotions on this one. It started out fabulous, but I think 500 some pages was a bit too much for this one to hang in there. Oates writes this as if we have a front row seat to Marilyn Monroe's most inner thoughts. While I loved the thought of knowing what Monroe felt and why she did things, it was a bit over the top. I did enjoy the spin Oates put on her life and certain aspects. Definitely worth the read if you are a Monroe fan or just curious about that time period.

14. PS I love You – Cecilia Ahearn (April 19th) - This was awesome. My hubby kept asking, "What does that book say???" I kept laughing and crying it was that good. The book follows Holly through the year after her husband suddently dies. He and her and always talked about "The List" that he would have to leave her if he were to die. When letters start arriving, she starts following their advice and holding on to her husbands memory. She takes risks she never would have before, get's a job SHE LOVES but never would have tried for and realizes who her true friends are. I would totally recommend this one.

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