Thursday, May 21, 2009

Review: Rattled! by Christine Coppa

Rattled! by Christine Coppa
I read this memoir by Coppa in one night. I am a daily reader of her blog on and was really interested in what she had to say about her transition from city girl to mommy. For those who do not know, Chrissy is a single mom to JD and a freelance writer. She blogs daily about JD and her daily occurrences at Storked! and her writing over there got me interested enough to purchase not one, but two copies of her book the day it came out. One for me and one for my best-friend.

In Rattled! Chrissy relays how her boyfriend of three months and her had one night of unprotected sex and she ended up pregnant. The boyfriend stuck around half-heartedly for a few months while Coppa was thrown head first into mommy-hood and adulthood with a bleep on a sonogram.

Throughout the novel you want to throw things and swear at the boyfriend, hug and love her family (especially her very supportive father and brothers), giggle at the antics of her dear Nanny and sometimes throttle / sometimes desire to befriend her posse of pals.

Coppa is a very beautiful writer and really brings to life images and thoughts. My only complaint was that I wasn’t particularly moved by it. I thought there was emotion that could have been added but wasn’t. I don’t know, something just seemed a bit off, however I would recommend it and will most likely re-read. And would definitely read the next book that is sure to come!


Amber said...

I too am an avid follower of the glamour blogs (where I found your blog) and read Chrissy's blog every day. I have always loved Chrissy's descriptive writing style.

However, I did not really enjoy her book. I know she was just telling the truth, which is fine, and I don't mean to judge *too much* but I found her to be very whiny and ungrateful the first half of the book. I realize her whole life had just had a huge flip-flop but I just did not like the way she portrayed herself. I also found that the descriptions got to be a little TOO much for my taste at some parts, which is weird because I always loved how descriptive she was on her blog.

After she gave birth the whole tone of the book changed and I wasn't put off as much. I'd definitely say I enjoyed the last half of the book more than the first half.

I think that I had my hopes up that it would be a better book than it was so I was slightly disappointed by it. I also had JUST finished reading 'Good in Bed' by Jennifer Weiner before starting her book and even though that book is fiction it was about a similar scenario and was AWESOME, so going from that to Rattled! might not have helped my perception!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I understand what you mean. I think the tone does change because her life changed. The lead up was to that moment when he was born, and when it was a real thing, that's when she totally changed as well. Now she WAS a mom. She wasn't just FACING it alone, it was the truth. That was my thought.